HOAPS Simulator

The purpose of this package is to compare HOAPS satellite data to climate model output. Systematic biases between satellite retrieved data and their equivalent in model simulations may occur due the inherently different methods of determining these quantities.Two simulators have been implemented in order to assess possible biases due to the satellite sampling (diurnal cycle effects) and due to specific properties of the satellite retrieval (limited retrievals in case of precipitation). The tool is applied offline to climate model output with a high temporal resolution (at least 3-hourly), which is needed in order to achieve meaningful results. The simulator generates two masks that can be applied independently to the model output.

More details can be found in the README
SSMI Overpass Filter

Download Files

Simulator package including HOAPS-3 data for comparison and SSM/I orbit files (size: 582M):

Example data and simulator output from IPSL model are also available for testing purposes:
Please send an email to to receive a download link for the data.

Terms of Use

The HOAPS Simulator Tool took was developed as part of the IS-ENES WP9 and is free to use for scientific applications.

For questions regarding the simulator, please contact .